Thursday, March 27, 2008


Now, when people are dying, you don't really look at who's offering the help. You take it. The first issue should be to help the people.
-Benazir Bhutto

Sons are traditionally expected to follow in their fathers’ footstep but today we see more daughters giving justice to their fathers’ struggles and aspirations. The late Benazir Bhutto was known as the "Daughter of the East" for her leadership was greatly inspired by her father’s heroism and of other Asian men like Gandhi who bravely fought for their country’s peace and freedom.
In our country’s business world, the prominence of Shoemart (SM) Malls is attributed to the great foundation established by the Chinese tycoon Henry Sy Sr. But when interviewed by Time Magazine, Mr. Sy quickly acknowledged the leadership of his daughter Teresita that brought SM to its present stature as Philippines' leader in the retail industry. It’s breaking a Chinese tradition of always giving the glory to a son. Mr. Sy is among Forbes Magazine’s 500 richest men in the world. The Sy family is worth US$4 billion, but current estimate of Sy's assets would total US$5 billion [Forbes 2007].

Silliman University’s Most Outstanding Student of the Year LYCAR ARMENTANO FLORES, a business management major, is proud to admit that she is “Papa’s Girl.” A great dimension of her being is greatly influenced by her father, Carlos Flores. Mr. Flores was always there in all of his daughter’s undertakings. He is Lycar’s most bankable elder and friend.
Even Lycar’s leadership is very much defined by her father’s wisdom: leading people begins with respect even of the most ordinary member of the organization. Building a young person’s confidence by opening avenues for growth is the aim in Lycar’s way of leading.
A not-so-pleasant kindergarten school experience taught Lycar an important dimension in the art of human relations. Her mother loved to dress her up for school. Classmates did not want her to join their games for she was all dolled up. Her neat dolled-up look with ponytail hairstyle led to her alienation. At an early age, Lycar knew how it feels to be isolated and rejected by would-be friends. This hurt amazingly became a positive force: she grew up with a sensitivity for others, and she became a welcoming angel to those who felt ignored.

Sincerity is evident in Lycar’s dealing with the people around her. Lycar always makes sure that the strangers in a group will get her attention. She is not afraid of rejection for her smile is from the heart and her intentions so pure – always in the spirit of caring for others.
In contrast to her childhood’s dolled-up fashion sense, Lycar sported a humble everyday presence which was felt by Sillimanians even before she became Governor of the High School Department. As representative to the Student Government Assembly, she was very visible in service-oriented programs. Lycar became even more known when she was elected Vice President of the Student Government on her junior year, and finally as President in her senior year. Everyone loved her on campus. Her gift of listening was also shared generously.
Goodness and obedience are two goals of her existence. In sharing these two valuable gifts, she achieved much. On her senior year in college, she was awarded the Most Outstanding Student of the Year honor for her leadership, service, and generous sharing of talent which included her being a member of the Mary Immaculate Choir. For scholarship, she achieved University Honor - the highest academic citation.
On graduation day, we witnessed the great moment of harvest as Carlos Flores proudly stood with Lycar who received the Magna cum Laude honor. It was not just a gold medal of honor; it was a manifestation of the glory in faith and love that made father and daughter withstand all the challenges that came their way. The same faith and love will be with Lycar as she leads herself to the realities in the world of career, of her desired entrepreneurship possibility with Dad and beyond.

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