Thursday, December 13, 2012

Coming home to welcome the Age of Aquarius

“When the moon is in the Seventh House/ And Jupiter aligns with Mars/ Then peace will guide the planets/ And love will steer the stars/This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquarius, Aquarius! Aquarius!/Harmony and understanding/ Sympathy and trust abounding/ No more falsehoods or derisions/ Golden living dreams of visions….”
The spirit of the lyrics of this 1969 song which won the Grammy in 1970 is very much in the heart of our family’s shaman, my brother Gabriel. He believed in every promise of the song, and is excited about the coming of the Age of Acquarius on Dec. 21, 2012. In fact, Gabriel has booked our flights to make sure all family members will be coming home for a special dinner in the evening of the forecasted great sky of harmony. I am listening to my brother’s drumbeats, and I am coming home for the dinner as it will be the entrée to my Christmas vacation. Looking forward to the 21st of December event has kept me stargazing at night. I have my sightings of the possibilities, but I need Dumaguete’s sky expert Norman Marigza to verify. I love looking at Norman’s Facebook page and this week, he made this shout: “The November full moon gives the world its smallest full moon of the year.” I looked up to see the moon and it reminded me of my brother’s call. My brother has been telling everyone that coming together on Dec. 21 will ensure blessings of harmony, peace, and progress for the family. Gabriel has been on the trail of the Age of Aquarius since his student days here at Silliman from 1967 to 1971. Like most men of his generation, he believes that we are now at the threshold of the Aquarian frontier. He observed that the ancient calendars have reached a point agreement. The evidences of the deconstruction of the old beliefs and values are now seen and felt. The giving of an African-American leader a second term in America is among the forecasted signs. The end of the Mayan calendar in 2012 is among the indicators pointing to the arrival of the Age of Acquarius. In all of the cultures of the world, the ancestors had written one common thing: the shouts to announce the shifting of the ages of this time. On that evening, the planets visible to the naked eye will be in a rare alignment. It is said to be just a visual effect as Science measure will not call it an exact alignment. This alignment was predicted by the Mayan calendar. The alignment is not something that’s actually new to 2012, as it happens every 36 years. Remember the convergence of the sun and the dark dust clouds in 1998? But this 2012 alignment is special because it coincides with the alignment of the 12 Zodiac constellations. One constellation that is visible in our current equinox will be in a changing phase. This 2012 drama in the sky will have Pisces move away, and paving the way for the dominance of Aquarius. The turbulence of our planet, characterized by economic instability and war with nature challenged by earthquakes and storms that marked the end of the Piscean era, will now be replaced by “harmony and understanding” in the Age of Acquarius. This promise from the song, and the movements of the signs mean a lot to the watchful mind of my brother. He wants us to be home and be blessed by the powers of the natural forces that only God can command. The evening -- at home -- on the 21st of December will be filled with thanksgiving prayers, gifts of forgiveness, songs of love, and floods of food and drinks to welcome the Acquarian force of prosperity.

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